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Five years ago, if you had asked Lois Snavely what ministry looks like in a work place setting, she would have said being able to pray at work or talk about Jesus. “Those are good things,” said Snavely who will earn her MDiv degree this May, “but my definition of what ministry can be has expanded. I now want to bring liberative ideas of equality into spaces that historically have not been that way. I want to hold social justice conversations and talk about moral injury in the work place and discuss what it would look like to be a corporate chaplain. McCormick offered me a safe space to think about the theory and practice of that kind of ministry.” 

While Snavely has already put some of her ideas into action with her employer, Upwork is awaiting her graduation so she can bring all that she’s learned to the company. A project manager for the company, Snavely oversees creative projects, and volunteered to implement the company’s allyship program to Black employees and is an ally for its LGBTQ+ program. Snavely has led professional and personal development workshops, incorporating tools such as the Enneagram, a personality model, to help employees gain greater self-… more