Cross-Cultural, Urban, Reformed, Ecumenical

Adjunct Faculty

McCormick’s adjunct faculty are essential to our teaching mission, contributing special expertise to support, supplement, and enrich McCormick’s curriculum.
Faculty profile Faculty Field of Study Email
Tony Aja Interculturalism and Social Justice
Delois Brown-Daniels Pastoral Care
Rev. Dr. Leslie Callahan Prophetic Preaching
Antonia Daymond Systematic & Contemporary Theology
Stacey Edwards-Dunn Pastoral Care
Cameron Ferguson New Testament
Rev. Dr. Freddie Haynes Social & Economic Justice
Lydia Hernandez-Marcial New Testament
Ted Hiebert Old Testament, Hebrew
Eun Young Hwang Moral Transformation
Kenji Kuramitsu Pastoral Care
Dr. Valerie Landfair Leadership
Woo Min Lee Hebrew
Rev. Dr. Carter Lester, Jr. Urban Ministry
Dr. Young Hee Lim Christian Education
Rev. Lisa Lopez Leadership, Mission, Ministry
Agustina Luvis Núñez Pentecostal, Feminist Theologies
Jesús Márquez Leadership, Discernment
Isaias Mercado Leadership
Rev. Abby Mohaupt Leadership, Discernment
Rev. Dr. José Morales Latinx Theology
Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III Community Development, Advocacy
Marilyn Pagán-Banks Food and Social Justice
Dr. Meg Park-Landis Pastoral Care
Rev. Brooke Petersen Pastoral Care
Rev. Dr. Jeanne Porter King Leadership, Spiritual Formation
Rev. Dr. Cheryl Price Christian Education
Rev. Dr. Nolan Shaw Ministry
Ozzie Smith Community Renewal
Rev. Dr. Grace Kaori Suzuki Leadership
Reginald W. Williams Social Justice Ministry in the Church, Prophetic Preaching
Stacy Williams Childhood Trauma
Barbara Wilson Leadership, Mission, Ministry
Aaron Wilson-Ahlstrom Leadership, Discernment
Linda Wygant Food Justice
Richard Zaleski Old Testament