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Oraciones por Puerto Rico

01-09-2020 by

David Crawford, President, McCormick Theological Seminary

I write to ask for your prayers and, if you are able, for your financial support.

Over the last two days, Puerto Rico has experienced multiple earthquakes and aftershocks. The largest of the quakes registered 6.4 and was, according to news reports, “the most powerful to hit the Caribbean island in 102 years.”

Power is out across most of Puerto Rico and several hundred thousand people have had water shut off as result of the power outages. Many homes and buildings in the most heavily impacted areas in the south have collapsed and hundreds are homeless as a result.

Puerto Rico’s governor, Wanda Vasquez, referencing Hurricanes Irma and Maria, said of the people of Puerto Rico, “We are a resilient people. We have responded to many difficult situations. Now this has been asked of us one more time.”

We have dear friends in Puerto Rico, students Jonathan and Melanie Garcia Rodriguez among them. Our colleagues, Rev. Dr. Lis Valle, Rev. Dr. Leslie Diaz-Perez, Armando Del Valle, and Priscilla Rodriquez, have family and friends living in Puerto Rico, all currently without power but, thankfully, safe.

I ask you to join me in making a contribution to one of the many relief agencies providing relief, including the American Red Cross and the Hispanic Federation Unidos program. I also urge you to consider a contribution to the organization Jonathan and Melanie work with, Aliento a Las Naciones. Tomorrow, Jonathan will be heading to the south of the island to be with those most impacted by the quakes and see how best they can assist. Donations to Aliento a Las Naciones may be made via PayPal to

Please hold in prayer all our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico and all of our colleagues whose hearts are with their families and friends on the island.