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Title Date Type Category Location
Seminary Intern Proposal - Baltimore, MD 08.7.20 Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Baltimore, MD
Solo Pastor/Head of Staff - Irvington, NY 08.7.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Irvington, NY
Interim Pastor/ Head of Staff - West Chester, PA 07.27.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) West Chester, PA
Organist & Choir Director 07.15.20 Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
Young Life 2 Part-Time Staff Openings - Chicago, IL 07.15.20 Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
Solo Pastor - Millburn, NJ 07.13.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Millburn, NJ
Part-Time Pastor - Burlington, VT 07.13.20 Part Time Ministry (ordained) Burlington, VT
Solo Part-time Pastor - Springfield, VA 07.7.20 Part Time Ministry (ordained) Springfield, VA
Temporary Supply Pastor - Skokie, IL 07.1.20 Part Time Ministry (ordained) Skokie, IL
Temporary Supply Pastor - Chicago, IL 06.29.20 Part Time Ministry (ordained) Chicago, IL
Interim Pastor - Houston, TX 06.25.20 Part Time Ministry (ordained) Houston, TX
Associate Pastor for Youth and Discipleship - Moorestown, NJ 06.15.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Moorestown, NJ
Decarceration Coordinator 06.3.20 Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
Program Coordinator for ACTS DMin in Preaching Program 05.22.20 Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
Solo Pastor - Washington, IL 05.20.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Washington, IL
Interim Pastor - Janesville, WI 05.19.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Janesville, WI
Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries - Lexington, KY 05.19.20 Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Lexington, KY
Solo Pastor - Washington, DC 05.12.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Washington, DC
Associate Pastor - Durham, NC 05.12.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Durham, NC
Solo Pastor, Head of Staff - Detroit, MI 05.12.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Detroit, MI
Director of Christian Education - Cleveland Heights, OH 05.12.20 Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Cleveland Heights, OH
Solo Pastor - Montrose, CO 05.12.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Montrose, CO
Associate Pastor, Discipleship & Outreach - Hilton Head, SC 05.12.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Hilton Head, SC
Associate Pastor - Germantown, TN 05.12.20 Full Time Ministry (ordained) Germantown, TN
Spiritual Counselor / Chaplain - Galesburg, IL 05.12.20 Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Galesburg, IL